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Woocommerce hosting is a special service that hosting companies offer to provide better services to e-commerce businesses.


Because the shared WordPress hosting that we generally choose might not offer the speed, optimization or technical support needed to run such a woocomerce store successfully.

In a woocommerce specific hosting, they provide you with a set of features like:

  1. Woocommerce set up with a prebuilt design/theme.
  2. Technical support from woocommerce experts
  3. SSL certificate to ensure the transactions on your e-commerce website are secure.
  4. Fast loading time: As your store grows with number of products you would be needing a blazingfast loading time for your website so that it doesn’t affect customer experience.
  5. Back-end servers optimised for performance.
  6. Largr space and bandwidth so that your store functions smoothly.

The main motive behind woocommerce hosting is to provide a complete and optimized solution for your store so that you can focus on your business and not on the technical side of how to run your woocommerce website.

Who this is for?

This is for small businesses with lot of products which want to focus their efforts not on the technical know-how but on actual business and let the hosting company take care of everything else.

Who this is not for?

People who have 1–2 or smaller quantity of products and are a bit advanced users of WordPress. They know their way through woocommerce and manage their own products with no hassle.

They don’t have the budget as the woocommerce specific hosting would be costlier obviously.

So, in a nutshell one can manage with wordpress hosting as well and one could need woocommerce hosting also, it all depends on a person’s needs and preferences.

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