Research is creating new knowledge.

We collect information for our research

This is the start of our relationship with our clients.

Here, we listen to what their goals, needs, and desires are for the project. We ask questions to uncover the hidden problems that we need to solve with the project.

Listen, often business owners are unaware of why exactly they want to execute the project for which they want to hire us.

Our job includes many times the task of unmasking that hidden/deep objective of the client.

We start by learning more about your business, your audience, your competitors, etc.

We send you an industry vetted set of questions that help us to know about your services/products, reference material, etc.

We learn what you want to accomplish with your project.

Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe

Planning is critical for success

After we have collected enough information about your business, we start the research process at our end.

We go deep into your business, your existing website (if you have one) and read in detail.

We analyze the answers that you provided to the questions in the above step. That gives us valuable insights to conjure up a starting point for the project.

We may reach out to you again to get your input on some more questions if the current answers are insufficient.

See, the most important thing here is the data that we collect from you in the initial phase. The more we know/understand your business and its objectives, the more we will be able to create an end product that satisfies all those metrics.

After we have done our research we start to prepare a plan for the project.

That includes milestones that we provide for the successful completion of the project. Any material that we need from you is asked during this phase. Like, for example, if you hire us for a website project we would be needing all versions of the logos, copy, videos, etc. for the website. We can always carry on the project with the dummy content If you don’t have the copy with you.

We do not take this stage lightly. This phase can set up the whole project for success if done correctly. You can’t rush this.

You can keep on planning, unless you ACT it is useless.

We put the plan into action

This is the stage that we put pen to paper and start creating.

For a website project, this might look like below:

We start with a wireframe so you get an idea of how your site will look in the end. Wireframes help to clear the layout of the website.

After we have created an initial wireframe we send that over to you for your approval. If you approve then we move onto the next stage i.e. creating full-colored mockups from wireframes.

Many clients come to us with already created wireframes too. In that case we skip, the first step here and directly move to creation of colored mockups.

Once you approve colored mockups, we then start the development phase by coding the website designs.

When finished, we send you a link to the test site on our server. You will be able to check and test it at your end.

Only when you are satisfied do we start the process of transferring the website online to your server.

We provide free 30-day maintenance with every website project that we deliver. This is to make sure that we provide peace of mind to our clients and sort out any issues if they arise in the short term.

You can also opt for our full-paid maintenance packages after your free maintenance period ends.