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I hear this question from new users sometimes that they find WordPress complicated to learn.

Let me assure you it’s the most simple website building system out there to date.

You might be at a beginner level yet so you are seeing WordPress from that frame of mind. Trust me once you have spent some time learning you will quickly start loving it.

For instance, let’s consider the following situation here:

You want to build a house.

Now there are 2 ways you can accomplish your task. You can either:

  1. Build it from the scratch: Here you have to build it piece by piece on your own. You have to lay each and every brick yourself. From the foundation till the top floor you would have to build it by your own hand. Now if you apply the same scenario to building a website from scratch you would need similar level of skills and work. You would need to learn HTML, CSS, Java script etc. These are not difficult to learn but still require effort. Or
  2. Purchase a prebuilt house: You can go with this option. Just buy a house and then spend your time just decorating it. All the hard work s already done for you and now all you have to do is maintain it. Now if we compare this to wordpress you would just need to install WordPress files on your hosting and Boom! your website is ready. No coding required. Every setting is visual and user friendly in its dashboard.

So, Which option would you choose?

Now of course your decision will depend on your specific requirement. But that’s true for your choice of WordPress too. You wouldn’t choose WordPress for every project but if you do your hard work would be reduced immensely.

WordPress is easy to set up, easy to maintain and provides a lot of options to customize.

You are provided with a basic install out of the box. If you have installed WordPress you know that the basic version comes with preinstalled themes even and with those themes, even your website looks pretty decent.

On top of that, you have a whole plugin system that you can use to download different plugins and enhance the functionality of your website.

Spend some time learning about WordPress. If you get past that initial learning curve there is no other alternative to WordPress that you would ever need.

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