Sol-you-tion Craft…

We know probably a bad wordplay but conveys our beliefs and vision perfectly.

We are here to solve your problems. To reach deep down and bring your real pain points to light. We do not create things for the sake of it. But there is a meaning behind every little detail in the final product.
We understand that every project needs a specific solution and every project has its own set of requirements. So we craft each solution carefully and with utmost care.

Our focus is not on the beautiful design alone but its function also. Don’t get us wrong here, we love a beautiful design just as you but to make that the sole priority leads to sub par results. As you would have heard and rightly so that,”Design without purpose is just decoration or art”. But if a design is created around a problem then it becomes a solution and that is our focus here.

“Beauty without brains”
“All Show no go”

They all illustrate the pointlessness of a beautiful design created without accounting for the actual requirements/problem/goals etc.

For example a beautiful website will attract visitors but won’t hold them longer. If you have played Flappy Bird or Pocket tanks you would know what i mean here. These games do not have eye-stonishing designs but they are really fun to play and engage the user from the get go. They are literally so addictive that you can play them for hours without noticing their designs for even a single second.
Now that is what we aim for. To identify your problems/goals/vision and create an end product around that. We want to bridge the gap between a products’ goal and its design, where both design and function are in harmony with each other.

Another example is the stock photography that is used on the websites these days. The picture should resonate with the goals of the website. it should lure in the visitor and entice him/her to click that button.
But often a designer uses big stock images without any end goal in sight. As most of the stock photos don’t fit the context so it renders the whole process useless.
People want to see real people using a company’s product or service. That would affect the users more rather than using some generic stock photo.

What do you want to achieve with that website, or that cool business card/brochure etc. is far more important. If a design accomplishes that goal then great otherwise it would be of no use; and it will hurt you later on.

We understand all of these problems and a lot more. And we create solutions which fly above them and deliver your message.

Also another important aspect where we understand your concerns is customer service.
Yes, we know how you worry about this one and you are right. We don’t know each other and are not interacting physically either. So why would you trust people on other side of the world. Listen, we know that there are a lot of dishonest people in this world who are only after your money. But you can be rest assured that we are not one of them. We love our craft and hope to achieve great results for our customers. We do all of this with a whole lot of respect, honesty and old fashioned hard work. Here, check out what one of our beloved clients has to say about us:

“Ornate Studios was so easy to work with. Their responsiveness and client focus was exceptional and not something that we are used to with other many companies. We are in love with our new website but were even more amazed with client care we got during the project. Thumbs up!”Dalibor, CEO Tvornica Istrazivanja

We reply as soon as possible for your support requests/queries with complete dedication.

We love our work and are passionate about it. We know it has the capacity to change your business and thus transform your life. So we just want to contribute our part to your success story.

And hopefully you will remember us when you are enjoying those sunny sandy beaches 🙂