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Publish your first blog post on wordpress

So, you have decided to start a blog, registered a cool domain name, bought a great hosting and after crafting a beautiful article are now sitting before your computer screen having no clue how to publish it on your wordpress blog ?

You have searched frustratingly on google but you can’t find the exact solution to your problem.

Well, fear not you have come to the right place.

In this article you will be lead through a perilous (not really!!) journey towards the goal of publishing your first blog post

But first things first: In order to publish your first blog post on a wordpress blog hosted independently (not on you need to have the following things with you:
1. A wordpress blog …(duh!)
2. WordPress admin dashboard login details
3. A cup of coffee or tea

Step 1: First, you need to login to your admin panel of wordpress blog. You can do this by going to this URL: http://your-site-name/wp-admin

You would be asked to enter a Username and Password. Enter the details and login.

After you login you will be lead to the dashboard of your wordpress website which would look similar to this:

Wordpress dashboard Screenshot

The above screenshot represents the area from where you can control various aspects of your blog for e.g. menus, uploading images, changing themes etc.

Step 2: Ok, now you must be seeing that there is a sidebar to the left and a content area towards the right. The sidebar contains menu options for changing different elements of the website.

For creating your blog post though you need to go to the option Posts>>Add New

Add a post

By clicking on ‘Add New’ link you would be lead to the post creation screen.

Step 3: As you are now on the add post page, you would see two input fields: one for entering the title of the post at the top and the other bigger one just down below it for writing the actual blog post.

Enter content and title of the post

You can enter the title and blog content in the relevant fields.

Step 4: You must have noticed that there are some options in the right sidebar too. It contains some boxes e.g. Categories, Tags, Featured Image, Format etc.

You can use these options to your supercharge your blog post.

Tags: You can add certain tags to the post which will help your post to be searchable by the users on the website.

Featured Image: If your blog has this enabled in the code, then if you upload an image from this box that image appears at a pre-designated place. You can change this place but you would have to play with the php code of the template. It’s easy although and be explained in some other blog post.

Category: You can segregate your post according to different categories.
You first have to create these categories. You can do this from the “Posts” menu option which was used to add new Posts. If you hover over the Posts menu option you would see another option called ”Categories”. Or you can do directly from the Category box. There would be an option to “Add new category” present there.

Other options


You are now ready to publish your first ever blog post on your wordpress blog.

Step 5: All that is left now is to click the “Publish ” button in the topmost box in the right sidebar and your post would be published onto your blog.

Publish button
Alright!! Great job.

Your first blog post is on the web now. Sit back, relax and have that cup of coffee or tea.

And, if you feel happy, proud, or satisfied after reading this post and if I have been of some value to you please do share the post as much as you can to help more people achieve their goal.

But this is not the end certainly. There are numerous options in the wordpress dashboard and I will be back with another blog post simplifying things for you.

If you face any problems in this process, please feel free to comment. I would be glad to help you out.

Until then, have a great day and keep on taking action towards your dreams.

Take care.

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