3 questions to ask yourself before creating a website

So you have decided that you want to create a website for your business? That’s great. Congratulations! You have taken your first step to grow your business. Websites are a crucial piece of real estate that you must own in today’s modern digital world.
But Why do you need a website? Firstly It’s a 24/7 shop for your business, spreading your brand across the world, and not to mention that every person today searches on google about your business before getting in touch with you, and if they can’t find you there then they would think that there is something wrong. But you already knew that and so made a decision to have a website for your business.
So Whether you are building the site yourself or you want to hire someone for the job there are a few things you must consider before that. So here I list five most important questions that you must think about before creating a website:

What is the purpose of the website?
Yeah, seems obvious but is often forgotten in the long run. You should have a clear idea about your goals for the website. Why do you want a website? Just think. Is it just because every other business has one or is it to solve a specific problem related to your business. What do you want to achieve with the website? Maybe you want to increase the amount of leads that you get, or maybe you want to rank higher on google, or for brand awareness, or purchase that product or service etc. You can have multiple goals like above too. But the important thing here is that you have some idea before starting out. Otherwise your website will just be collage of pictures and text put together with no real purpose in mind. Think like this, if you have a target in mind then you can work to achieve that, otherwise you would wander in the wilderness and get lost at the end.

Who is your target Audience?
This factor is an important one as without any target audience in mind you can be too generalistic and appeal to no one. Identifying your target audience will allow you to tailor your website according to the specific group of people. This will help in increasing your leads also as you will filter out uninterested people and will get quality leads. You can choose your target audience according to the product or service that provide. You can select a particular age group like, under 18 years, 18-30, 30-60 etc. This will help your brand identify with your intended target market.

Who are your major competitors?
This one will help you stay away from mistakes of your competitors. You can assess their websites and decide what you don’t like and what you like. Then you can create your own website by keeping those factors in mind. This will differentiate you from your competitors and help establish your brand. You can learn from their mistakes and profit in the long run.

In summary:
1. Know your Why: Why do you want a website? Which problem are you trying to solve for your business that your website can provide a solution for?
2. Know you who: Know your target market before starting. This will help steer your project in the direction of a clear goal.
3. Know your competitors: Research a bit about your competitors to know about their mistakes etc. on the website and then avoid them in yours. Better to learn from someone else’s mistakes. Right.

So these are the important questions on which you should spend some time before getting into your website. There are many others as well which can help you make your website a success, you can download them here. This is a questionnaire that we use ourselves before starting any web project. This provides us with a baseline to start and helps the client identify their goals and vision for the site.

Okay, now get to Work !! :).

Also if you want any website designed or developed, you can get in touch with us. We are available for work.

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